The World Science Festival / by Louisa Ulrich-Verderber

Last weekend, my mother, sister and I headed to New York City to the World Science Festival. What an astounding event! Every self-professed “science geek” ought to be able to attend this thing at least once in their young lives. The organization ran lecture/panel discussions on so many compelling subjects that we could barely pack it all in. For four days we went sun up to sun down listening to leading scientists speaking about cutting edge discoveries in seven main subject areas: 

  1. Climate Change – How whales are unlocking some of the Arctic secrets
  2. Nano Medicine
  3. The current status of AIDS research
  4. Mapping the Brain
  5. The possibility of a Multiverse
  6. The nature of Consciousness
  7. DNA and our destiny


And capped it all off with a Sunday Science Street Fair where I added an idea from my 5th grade journal to a crowd sourcing collaboration on climate change. 

nd one afternoon we got lost in warren of art galleries in lower Manhattan.