A Crash Course in, well, Crash Course! / by Louisa Ulrich-Verderber

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Usually on this blog I like to talk about various science topics, or stars, or slugs, and ramble on about things I've found or researched. But today I feel like relaxing and recommending. 

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Over the past few months I have become hooked on a YouTube channel called Crash Course. It’s hosted by brothers Hank and John Green, who some of you may know is the amazing author of The Fault in Our Stars. (Which I have to admit I’ve never read. Sorry John) Anyway, they have a huge range of videos that deal with world history, chemistry, biology and literature. (Right up my ally in other words) The videos are funny informative and, in my case at least, enthralling.  So, with out further ado I’d like to share a few of my favorites here in the hope that you will love them too. Enjoy!